How can I get in contact?

LURA believes public input is vital to revitalizing Old Town Lafayette. The Authority looks forward to the public’s help, guidance, and assistance in determining the community’s vision within the district. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30 pm at City Hall. For more information, contact LURA Executive Director Brigid Keating at (303-661-1262) or by emailing

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1. About LURA
2. What is urban renewal?
3. What is "blight"?
4. What is Tax Increment Financing?
5. What is LURA's role in the community?
6. Why is urban renewal important?
7. What financing is available through LURA?
8. Does being in an urban renewal area affect my property tax or property value?
9. Why would I, a property/business owner, want to be included in an urban renewal area? What will the urban renewal plan do for me?
10. Does LURA only work on redevelopment and demolition projects?
11. How long does urban renewal last?
12. How can I get in contact?