Why is my water bill so high?

If your water bill is unusually high, there are a number of causes to consider.

  • Have you been watering your grass or garden?
  • Has your faucet been dripping?
  • Has your toilet been running?
    • Add dye or food coloring to the back of the toilet tank. After 30 minutes, check the water in the bowl to see if color has leaked into it. If so, your toilet fill valve is leaking.
  • Do you have a whole-house humidifier?
  • Do you have a swamp cooler?
  • Have you checked your refrigerator's ice maker?
  • Has your water heater had any water come out from the seams or pressure release valve?

If you want to discuss your water consumption history, please contact Finance at 303-665-5588 option 1. 

The City of Lafayette is unable to locate or repair leaks to the home. Any leaks that occur from the meter pit to the house is the responsibility of the owner. Please reach out to a professional plumber if you require locating or repairing a leak. 

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