Where can I find the current income limits?

Income limits are set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and can be found on the Boulder Housings website.

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1. If I already registered with Boulder County, do I have to fill out a Lafayette application?
2. How do I apply?
3. Where do I submit my application and materials?
4. Will you give me back my application materials?
5. How long will the review take?
6. How will I know whether I am qualified?
7. Do I have to live/work in Lafayette to qualify?
8. Where can I find the current income limits?
9. Where can I find the Community Housing Guidelines?
10. Will this home always have to be affordable and how much will the home go up in value?
11. Do I need to check the status of my application?
12. What if my application is not complete?
13. What if I don't qualify?
14. What if I qualify but my offer on the home was not accepted?
15. Questions still not answered?