I saw a coyote or fox in my neighborhood. Should I be concerned?
Both coyotes and foxes live in urban environments because they provide the animals with their essential needs; food, water, shelter and space. These animals are attracted to neighborhoods due to the availability of garbage, pet food and even pets, which coyotes and foxes see as prey. The following list illustrates some of the attractants that draw coyotes and foxes close to people. Remove these attractants to discourage coyotes and foxes from visiting your property:
-Outdoor pet food or water
-Birdseed or food sources that attract small mammals
-Accessible garbage or compost
-Fallen fruit or berries from trees or shrubs
-Shrubs, woodpiles, decks or any other structure that can provide cover or be used as a den
Seeing wildlife can be an enjoyable experience and should not necessarily be a cause for concern, but you should haze wildlife if it is frequenting your neighborhood by yelling and/or throwing rocks or sticks toward the animal. Keep dogs on leash, don't allow pets to roam (especially at night) and never feed coyotes or foxes. Report any unusual behavior to the Division of Wildlife, 303-291-7227.

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