Where are Lafayette’s Urban Renewal Areas located?
The first area is located along Public Road from Spaulding Street to Baseline and continues west along the south side of Baseline Road almost to U.S. Highway 287. This area also includes East Simpson Street from Public Road to Michigan Avenue. The second urban renewal area is located along South Boulder Road between U.S. Highway 287 and South Public Road. Urban Renewal Areas Map

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1. If my property is in an Urban Renewal Area, do I need approval from the Urban Renewal Authority before I make aesthetic changes to my property?
2. Where are Lafayette’s Urban Renewal Areas located?
3. Is the use I am considering for my property permitted within the Urban Renewal Areas?
4. What is Urban Renewal's Vision for downtown?
5. What has the Urban Renewal Authority accomplished since its inception in 1999?
6. How is the Urban Renewal Authority funded?
7. Does the Urban Renewal Authority offer redevelopment incentives or other financial assistance for properties within Urban Renewal?