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Posted on: November 17, 2022

Residential and commercial snow removal, branch disposal

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Did you know residents and businesses are required to remove snow and ice from individual sidewalks within 24 hours of the last measurable snow? Details of this policy and additional information can be found at

Thank you in advance for helping to ensure Lafayette is a safe place for our neighbors and pedestrians during the winter months.

Snow plowing

The primary purpose of snowplowing is to clear the roads for emergency response providers. Not all streets within city limits are plowed. Snowplow routes are divided into primary and secondary snow routes and priority is given to streets adjacent to hospitals and schools. Winter maintenance of remaining residential streets may occur if snow accumulations are determined to impact emergency services. When possible, please park your vehicle in a garage or driveway to assist the snowplowing operations.

Help with snow shoveling - volunteers needed

Many older adults in our community are physically and financially unable to remove snow from their property. Would you like to help? Contact Lafayette Senior Services at 303-665-9052 or

If you are a Senior or disabled adult looking for assistance to clear snow from your property, you may also contact Lafayette Senior Services at 303-665-9052 or to have a volunteer matched up with your needs.

Downed tree branch disposal

Residents on the Republic Services Three Cart Program may place branches in compost carts for pickup. Branches should be cut to fit inside the cart with the lid closed. If Republic customers have an overflow of branches that don’t fit into the compost cart, an extra material tag can be purchased from City Hall. Cut excess branches to 4-feet in length or shorter, bundle with twine, place the purchased material tag on the bundle, and set curbside next to the compost cart for Republic pickup. 

Western Disposal in Boulder also accepts branches. Check the Western website for fees and hours of operation. 

Additional snow and ice control info...
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