Public Works

Posted on: May 5, 2022

Citywide street sweeping starting May 9

White graphic street sweeper with words Street Sweeping and city logo in white on blue and green.

Street sweeping will begin on the east side of Old Town and move to the west side of Old Town, followed by the areas south of Baseline Road, finishing with all streets north of Baseline Road. This work will start on May 9 and takes a few months to complete. 

'No Parking' signage will be placed in advance in the Old Town area only to notify residents of the upcoming sweeping activities. Please make accommodations to have vehicles moved to allow sweepers full access to clean gutters.

Sweeping is an important task of the Public Works Department because it helps keep our streets looking beautiful and it keeps dirt and debris out of our waterways. Learn other positive impacts of sweeping and see our sweepers in action by checking out our Lafayette Public Works Street Sweeping video on YouTube.

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