Special Events Licenses

A special event vendor is any business that makes taxable sales of food, drink, and/or merchandise at special events. This includes the special event organizer/applicant and all other businesses invited to make sales at the special event (i.e. food trucks). Vendors at special events in the City of Lafayette are required to collect and remit City sales tax on all taxable sales made at the event.  

Special Events include any event at which taxable sales are made to the public, such as craft fairs, parades, festivals, art walks, public concerts, carnivals, holiday markets, farmers markets, and athletic events.

Vendors licensed in the City

Vendors already licensed in the City at their regular business location can remit City Sales Tax on sales made at special events on their regular City sales tax return.

Vendors not licensed in the City

Vendors that are not licensed with the City must apply for a City of Lafayette Sales Tax License at lafayette.munirevs.com

  • The City sales tax license is free
  • After the license has been issued by the City, special event vendors will have a City sales tax return added to their account for the current special event. 
  • All special event tax returns will be due on the 20th of the month after the special event.

Continuing to be a vendor at special events

Once you have a City Sales Tax license, you do not need to apply for a new license. 

For all future special events, email our Sales Tax Team and include:

  • your name
  • business name
  • phone number
  • City sales tax account number
  • Name and date of each upcoming special event

City staff will add a tax return for each event to your online account. Vendors will complete this after each event. Each special event City sales tax return will be listed in your "Open Tasks" on your business dashboard.

Contact Us

For questions, email salestax@lafayetteco.gov or call 303-665-5588, option 2.