2020 City Council Strategic Priorities

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On January 31 and February 1, 2020, members of City Council attended a facilitated retreat to establish a foundation for effective governance and identify strategic priorities. The following reports are summaries or the activities and outcomes of the retreat.

Environmental Scan 
This 30-page report provided a comprehensive overview of Lafayette and “Where we are today” to set the stage for the planning process.

Final Retreat Report 
This 14-page document recaps the exercises that City Council participated in and the results of the various activities.

Strategic Priorities - One-page recap
This document lists out the 10 Strategic Priorities that were developed during the retreat and the accompanying statements to describe each priority.

Council Strategic Priorities

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  • Quality community amenities
  • Fiscally responsible
  • Safe, welcoming, and inclusive
  • Bold, authentic leadership
  • Sense of place
  • Affordable, attainable, and just
  • Economic prosperity
  • Excellent City services and infrastructure
  • Mobile and connected
  • Environmental leadership

2020 Initiatives (included in the Retreat Report)

Page 13 of the Retreat Report outlines the six (6) specific Initiatives Council agreed to focus on. 

Safe, Welcoming, and Inclusive
• Execute the Boomer Bond to support the aging population

Affordable, Attainable, and Just
• Focus on inclusionary zoning and mobile home protections

Sense of Place
• Land use and development: increase education and exploration of how we shape and attract projects that reflect our diverse and unique character

Environmental Leadership
• Electrification of new construction and existing building stock
• Ban single-use plastics

Excellent City Services
• Hire an emergency manager to support city-wide mitigation, response, and sustained recovery from climate and man-made hazards

August 2020 Strategic Priority Review 

In August 2020, City Council Council convened once again to revisit these priorities in the midst of COVID, and determined their priorities were still the right direction. Councilors further identified four (4) areas of emphasis to focus on in an effort to better address race relations and increase support for human services.

  1. Explore the City’s public safety response and align them with community values and best practices
  2. Determine an approach to increase support for human and mental health services
  3. Focusing on inclusionary zoning and mobile home park protections
  4. Land use and development and increasing education and exploring how we shape and attract projects that reflect our diverse and unique character