Solar Thermal Permit Requirements

Solar Thermal Permit Requirements


1. Completed Building Permit Application
2. City of Lafayette licensed contractor
3. Two (2) sets of plans to include: 


  • Site plan showing location of all equipment with setbacks for ground mounted systems.
  • Structural plans with an engineer's evaluation of existing structure showing compliance with 30 lbs. snow load and 105 mph 3 second gust factor wind load. Flush mounted systems may submit generic engineering.
  • Mechanical diagram showing system components.
  • Equipment schedule listing system components and their listings: heat exchanger, panels, storage tank, transfer fluid, pumps, backflow prevention, expansion tanks, etc.
  • Plans should be no larger than 11"x17" in size.

Review Time 

Please allow three (3) working days for the Building Department to process your solar PV permit. The Lafayette Building Department will contact when your permit is ready. Payment is due when you pick up your permit.


In efforts to attract and promote solar in the City of Lafayette, the City has significantly lower permitting fees than many other communities in Colorado.

  • Residential fee: $63 plus City use tax and Boulder County use tax
  • Commercial fee: Fee based on the project valuation plus City use tax and Boulder County use tax.
    See Pages 1 and 2 of the Fee Schedule.


Any questions concerning solar permits, inspections, or plan review should be directed to Kevin Shulman at 303-661-1267 or email