Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Permit

Use this page as a checklist for understanding Lafayette's Solar Permit Process. The following information provides detailed instructions on Xcel's interconnection process and Lafayette's submission requirements. 

Any questions concerning Lafayette's solar permits, inspections, or the plan review should be directed to Kevin Shulman at 303-661-1267, or by email to

Please read Xcel's engineering review recommendations and interconnection process

The solar contractor should work with Xcel Energy for coordinating the interconnection process. You are highly encouraged to seek Xcel Energy's approval of their required engineering documents (one-line diagram, site plan, and small generator interconnection application [only for applications >10kW]) prior to beginning construction of the PV system. 

In some instances, interconnecting customers are required to pay for utility system upgrades to allow for their PV system to be safely interconnected to the electric grid, however, this decision remains unknown until Xcel Energy has reviewed the project's details. 

To learn more about Xcel's interconnection process see Xcel Energy: How to Interconnect or for questions concerning the interconnection process contact the Solar*Rewards® program at

Submit Your Application

Email permit and plans applications to

Requirements and documents 

  • A completed Building Permit Application
    • In the building permit application under 'detail description,' at a minimum include the size of the system (kW DC), type of system (residential, or non-residential), and if the system is roof mount or ground mount.
  • Permit application and plans must be submitted as one document with the permit application being the first page. Plans must meet the following structural and electrical requirements:

Structural Requirements

  • Site and roof plans showing the location of all equipment including setbacks for ground mount systems.
  • Structural plans with an engineer's calculations, and evaluation.
  • All diagrams and the engineer's evaluation letter must be stamped and signed by a Colorado licensed engineer showing existing structure compliance with 30-lbs. snow load and 105-mph 3-second gust factor wind load.
  • The roof plan should show the roof layout, PV panels, and the following fire safety items: approximate location of roof access point, location of code-compliant access pathways, PV system fire classification, and the locations of all required labels and markings.

Electrical Requirements

  • All work shall comply with the 2020 National Electric Code without amendments.
  • One-line standard electrical diagram, site-specific; which includes arrangement of panels on the roof or ground, north arrow, lot dimensions, and distance from property lines to adjacent buildings/structures (existing and proposed).
  • Equipment schedule including listings.
  • Specify grounding/bonding, conductor type and size, and number of conductors in each section of conduit.
  • Total number of PV modules, number of modules per string, and the total number of strings.
  • PV module ratings.
  • Inverter ratings.
  • Signs for DC disconnect, inverter OCPD, and others as required.
  • If batteries are to be installed, include them in the diagram and show their locations and venting.

City reviews Solar System Application

  • The goal of the department is to have all applications reviewed and permits issued within 3 business days.
  • The Lafayette Building Department will contact you when your permit is ready.

Solar Permit Fee is Assessed 

  • Lafayette's solar permit fee is a flat $63 (Building + Electrical Inspection). In addition to this flat fee, contractors can expect a city and county use tax. For details see Lafayette's fee schedule.

Solar Permit is Issued

  • Payment is due when you pick up your permit. The installation process can begin for the contractor once the permit has been issued by the City. 

Solar Permit Revision

  • Only submit revisions for changes to the three-line or changes to the electrical equipment.  Please do not submit revisions for module layout changes.
  • Any systems that are over 10kw will need an electrical engineer's stamp.
  • Submit revisions to 

An Inspection of the Installed Work is Performed

  • To eliminate excessive inspections, we provide an integrated inspection of both electrical and structural components for most systems.
  • Before scheduling an inspection, we encourage you to complete the inspection checklist to ensure your system is ready for inspection.
  • Solar PV inspections are available Monday through Friday from 9am - 4pm
  • To schedule an inspection: Call 303-604-3822 any time before 6am the day of the inspection, and be prepared to state the permit number, job address, contact name, and contact phone number.
  • Provide a Rapid Shutdown Certification on company letterhead showing the results of the 10-second shutdown, who performed the test, and their Master License Number attached to inspection record card at time of Final Inspection.