Release of Property/Evidence

The Lafayette Police Department Property/Evidence Services Section is responsible for the control and protection of all property and evidence in the custody of the department.

General inquiries and appointments can be made at 303-665-5571, x5.

Claiming Property

Property must be claimed by the owner with a government issued picture I.D. Property may be claimed by a third party with an original notarized letter from the owner of the property and a government issued picture I.D.

Release of Property

Release of property to the rightful owners is a primary objective and is conducted by appointment only.

Upon notification of a disposition by the court, and approval from investigating officer(s), property held as evidence will be available for release to the owners.

Property Release Hours

Tuesday through Friday
8am - 4pm
By appointment only
303-665-5571, x5.

Unclaimed Property Information

The Lafayette Police Department contracts with for the sale of auction items. Community members interested in bidding online can go to the Property Room.

Prior to releasing property to, the police department posts found, lost and abandoned items with a value of $100 or more online. Items will be posted for no more than 30 days. At the end of the posting period, most items that are still unclaimed will be sent to the online auction house. There are currently no items to post.

To claim property from the unclaimed property list, please jot down the case number as well as the item and tag number (if listed) and call 303-665-5571, x5. Be prepared to describe the item in detail and/or provide a sales receipt or paperwork identifying ownership. The deadline for claiming property from this list is 30 days from the posted date.

City of Lafayette Abandoned Property Ordinance