The Landmark Application Process

  1. Application Process
  2. How To Apply

The Historic Landmark Application Process

  1. Nomination is Submitted to the City Administrator
    1. The nomination is reviewed for completeness
    2. Owner consent is sought if not submitted with the nomination form
    3. The nomination is scheduled for review by the Historic Preservation Board within 60 days.
  2. Historic Preservation Board Review and Recommendation
    1. The board reviews the nomination for conformance with established criteria for designation
    2. The board approves, modifies and approves, or disapproves the proposal within 30-60 days following the review
    3. If approved, the board refers the proposal to the City Council.
  3. City Council Procedures
    1. The City Council will hold a public hearing within 30 days of receiving a referral from the board
    2. The City Administrator notifies owner(s) 10 days prior to the public hearing
    3. Council approves, modifies and approves, or disapproves the proposed designation
    4. If approved, City Council approves a designating ordinance.
  4. Notice of Designation
    1. The City Administrator notifies the owner(s) of a designation by Council
    2. The ordinance is recorded with the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder.