The Application Process

How to Apply for a Building Permit

1. Download the Building Permit Application or one can be emailed to you.  Email and request one be sent to you.

2. Fill out the application.

3. Submittal requirements depend upon the complexity of the project but typically include two sets of plans and plot plans. Three sets of plans are required for residential additions, new residential homes, and new commercial buildings. For more information see the following:

4. Old Town Lafayette Project Requirements

Before submitting a permit application for projects in Old Town Lafayette such as an Addition, Duplex, Garage, Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), and other Accessory Structures; for more information see the following:

5. Submitting your building permit application. Email your permit application to The City also has a new drop-off box for large submittals and/or large set of rolled plans such as a New Single-family Dwelling, Duplexes, New Multi-family Buildings, Accessory Dwelling Unit, Residential Addition, Detached Garage, New Commercial Buildings, and Commercial Tenant Finish. The drop box is located just to the left of the front doors at City Hall, 1290 South Public Road.

Contractors can apply for building permits online with their MyGov Account using the MyGov portal for the City of Lafayette. Once you submit, we will approve the permit and let you know by email that the permit is ready to pay. Let us know when you have paid and we will email you the permit and receipt. If you need an account, please contact us at

Note that applications that require a plan set will still need to be submitted either electronically to or drop your plan set off using the City's DROP BOX/PICK-UP BOX located just to the left of the front doors of City Hall at 1290 S. Public Road. Mark your permit package to the Attention of the Building Division. 

6.  Inspection Line is 303-604-3822

See below for processing timelines.

The Building Department will call or email you when permit is ready.

Application Processing Timelines

The Building Department tries to issue your permit as soon as possible. Below is the typical time frame for processing permits.

  • Three working days for reroofs, HVAC, water heaters, furnace, and siding permits
  • Two weeks for projects such as decks, fences, and basement finishes
  • Two weeks for commercial tenant finish and permanent signs
  • Four to Six weeks for new residential house, duplex, residential additions, accessory dwelling unit, garage, multi-family buildings, and new commercial buildings
  • Two weeks for In-City or Out-of-City Utility Service Applications submitted individually or independently from the Building Permit Process.