Marijuana Business License

Marijuana Business License Information

Marijuana businesses in Colorado are licensed and regulated by local and state authorities. Marijuana licensing regulations are found in the Code of Ordinances and in the Marijuana Licensing Rules and Regulations. The City Clerk oversees the licensing process and the City Administrator serves as the local Marijuana Licensing Authority.

Marijuana Business License Availability

The Lafayette City Council has determined that the aggregate number of retail stores and medical marijuana centers shall not exceed 3, and there may be no more than 12 locations containing any mix of licensed retail or medical marijuana manufacturers, infused product manufacturers, or cultivation facilities.

Article II - Medical Marijuana
Article III - Retail Marijuana
Article IV - Marijuana Residential Cultivation Restrictions
Lafayette Marijuana Licensing Rules & Regulations

The City licenses the following marijuana businesses: (click on the business type to view the application packet)

RetailMedicalMedical / Retail Store 
StoreCenter (store)
Products ManufacturerProducts Manufacturer
Marijuana Testing FacilityMarijuana Testing Facility

Marijuana business licenses are valid for one year from the date of issuance. An application for renewal must be submitted to the City Clerk no later than 45 days before the license expires. Paper Application for Renewal. Fillable form Application for Renewal.

Contact the City Clerk for assistance with Change of Ownership; Change in Manager, Financier or Corporate Structure; Change of Location or Modification of the Premises.

Marijuana Business Licensing Fees must be submitted with each application in the form of a certified check or a money order, made payable to the City of Lafayette.


Colorado Department of Revenue-Marijuana Enforcement Division


Lafayette City Clerk's Office
Lynnette Beck