Climate Action Plan

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We want to hear from you! 

During the month of October, we encourage residents to take our Climate Action Plan survey to provide feedback on draft goals. The survey is available in English and Spanish and should take 10 minutes to complete. Please click on the applicable survey below. 

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The City of Lafayette is developing its first Climate Action Plan (CAP) to provide a comprehensive and pragmatic update to our existing Sustainability Plan. The CAP will outline key actions the City will take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare our community for the impacts of climate change. The CAP also identifies climate action strategies that improve equity, increase community resilience, and protect ecosystems in Lafayette. Research, development, and prioritization of a range of actions and policies will help us identify our climate goals and ensure alignment with other City and regional plans.

Adopting a CAP is a critical step in preparing our community for the impacts of climate change. Climate change represents an ever-increasing threat to the health and well-being of Lafayette residents and beyond. GHG emissionClimate Action Plans from transportation, energy use, land use change, and other sources are changing our climate in ways that can put the community at risk. Projected heat and cold waves, decreased snowpack, severe storms, drought, and wildfire risk could threaten the City of Lafayette’s infrastructure, natural resources, and public health.

The City is exploring community solutions and individual actions that will reduce the City’s emissions, conserve our natural environment, air quality, and water, and strengthen community resilience. By acting now, the City can proactively help protect the health and well-being of our community, economy, and environment.

While weather is what we experience on a day-to-day basis, climate describes average weather conditions over a long period of time. As the climate changes, extreme weather conditions, such as extreme heat and cold, become more frequent and severe. Climate change is the resulting impact of increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs) within our atmosphere. GHGs trap heat within the atmosphere and cause a gradual increase in global average temperatures. Human activities, such as driving and heating or cooling homes and businesses, emit large amounts of GHGs due to the combustion of fossil fuels. 

Climate change is having huge impacts on communities across the world, including Lafayette. We are already experiencing poor air quality from increased wildfire smoke, hotter summer days, and increased risk of flooding due to climate change. We will continue to face these and other impacts, and it is the City's priority to create a plan that will begin to mitigate and adapt to current and future climate impacts. 

How to get involved?

How do you envision a healthy and resilient Lafayette? We want to make sure your perspective is heard so that the CAP represents your vision. Throughout the community feedback process, there will be multiple opportunities for engagement during City meetings, a public survey, community events, and two community workshops. 

Over the course of 3 months (September - November), the Lafayette Sustainability and Resilience Advisory Committee meetings will include CAP updates and discussions. The public is welcome to join, virtually or in person, to stay up to date on the planning process and offer public comment.