Cabrini Gardens Mixed Use Buildings


710 Highway 287, Lot 2B Cabrini Gardens Replat B 


Current lot size is 2.4 acres  

Planned Use

The Applicant proposes to develop a 2.43-acre vacant parcel. The existing lot would be subdivided into 2 lots. A 3-story, 58,030 (above-ground) square foot mixed-use building is proposed on the east lot. A 7,500 gross square foot commercial retail pad site is proposed on the west lot. 

The mixed-use building will include an approximately 79,855 square foot self-storage facility with 845 square feet of  associated leasing space, approximately 2,605 square feet of inline retail space, and approximately 900 square feet of community space.

Development Process

The development includes a Special Use Review for the storage facility in the C1 zone district, a Site Plan/Architectural Review for the development, and a minor subdivision to subdivide the existing 2.5-acre lot into one 1.5 acre lot and one 1-acre lot.

Site Plan and Architectural Review  

Special Use Review

Minor Subdivision

Neighborhood Meetings

A Neighborhood Meeting is required for the Special Use Review. The neighborhood meeting occurred on March 2, 2023.

Public Hearing or Meeting Dates

The Site Plan and Architectural Review and the Special Use Review will be reviewed by the Planning Commission and City Council after the staff review is complete. A public hearing will be scheduled for the Special Use Review.  

Written Comments:

Send written comments on this project to Millissa Berry, the case planner, at; or by mail, or in person, to: Planning Department, City Hall, 1290 S. Public Road, Lafayette, CO 80026. 

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