Current Projects

Open Space has multiple ongoing projects in 2023 that, when completed, will support local wildlife, ecosystems, and our community. This is a non-comprehensive list of the major projects occurring in Open Space that may impact your experience when visiting. All projects fall into Open Space goals, per the 2019 Parks, Recreation, and Open Space plan. 

These goals include:

  • Habitat conservation and restoration
  • Managing properties to protect environmental values
  • Providing, where appropriate, passive recreation, trail opportunities, and destination connections
  • Trail management sensitive to wildlife, local ecosystems, and the community

Staff closing unsanctioned trails along Coal CreekSign in front of trail

Unsanctioned social trails along Coal Creek are causing erosion, destruction of vegetation, encroachment upon wildlife, and habitat fragmentation. Staff is working with Nature Kids interns, Boulder County Youth Corps, and local volunteers to restore native habitats while addressing erosion issues. 

Please stay on the designated trail to protect the Coal Creek riparian ecosystem and prevent further erosion. 

If you witness any vandalism or destruction of signage or plantings, please call Lafayette Police non-emergency at 303-441-4444.

Yellow-headed blackbird perched on a cattail

Wildlife Plan

Project Overview
As urban growth and recreational pressures increase in and around Lafayette, the City's Open Space Division is beginning a process to develop the City's first Wildlife Plan to guide the preservation of local wildlife and ecosystems. The purpose of this plan is to address wildlife conservation holistically through the lens of wildlife equity. In other words, if you were a fox living near Old Town, what kind of protections would you want to see in place to protect your home and family?

Anticipated Project Timeline
September 2022-January 2024

Additional Information

Nature Kids Interns

Project Overview
Lafayette has partnered with Lafayette Nature Kids, Thorne Nature Experience, and Wildlands Restoration Volunteers to create paid high school internships each year. Weekly projects vary from restoration projects to trail construction, and occur in various open spaces. 

Project Timeline
Projects are ongoing on Saturdays from September-April annually.

Additional Information

Group of interns sitting on top of fence

Coal Creek and Rock Creek Regional Trails Connection at 104th Street

Person biking on trail with hay bales in the background Project Overview
Boulder County, Louisville, and The City partnered to provide a continuous trail connection between the Coal Creek and Rock Creek trails which travels along 104th Street. This new trail provides residents with a multimodal travel option allowing better access to trails and open spaces in multiple communities and municipalities. The trail provides a bicycle/pedestrian trail link that connects with the US 36 bikeway and Flatiron Flyer BRT.

Project Location
This project begins at the Coal Creek regional trail at Empire Rd. and follows 104th Street south to the Rock Creek regional trail at Rock Creek Farm, Sterns Lake Trailhead. See trail map.

Project completed May 2023

Rock Creek Trail Improvements at Horizon Ave. and Majestic Dr.

Project Overview
Mile High Flood District and Otak have partnered with the City to improve the trail intersection at Horizon Ave. and Majestic Dr. The existing underpass floods annually due to floodplain alterations caused by the 2013 flood. The current conditions pose a danger to trail users leading to a permanent detour. The purpose of the project is to permanently close the underpass and realign the trail to an at-grade crossing with new pedestrian ramps, crosswalk striping, and signage. The project also includes erosion control and site restoration at Rock Creek.

Project Location
This project is located at the intersection of Horizon Ave. and Majestic Dr.

Project completed May 2023