General Building Inspection Information

In order to receive final approval for your project, scheduled inspections must be performed by the City’s building inspectors at various phases to ensure compliance with the building codes. Requesting necessary inspections is the responsibility of the contractor or homeowner. Do not cover anything without it first being inspected.

Inspection Line Number: 303-604-3822

How to Request an Inspection

Call the inspection request line number (303-604-3822) before 7am to receive your inspection. Please provide the following information when requesting your inspection:

  • Project number (Year-XXXX) - provide entire project/permit number.
  • Project address
  • Inspection type
  • Name and phone number. (For virtual Inspections, provide the phone number for person who will be onsite during the inspection.)
  • Reroof inspections are done Monday thru Friday between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

For virtual inspections, the inspector will call your number to set up a time for the inspection.  

Most inspections will require access into the property. There must be someone over the age of 18 at the project address to provide access. Inspectors will NOT enter an occupied home without the homeowner or homeowner representative present. Please ensure that pets are kept inside on inspections that require rear yard access. 

Commercial contractors and production homebuilders must be ready for all inspections by 9am; your inspection window will occur between 9am and 4:30pm.

Reroof inspections will occur between 9am and 6pm.  We are not able to give an ETA for reroof inspections.

We do not guarantee that the inspection will take place during your requested time frame, but our inspectors will work to the best of their ability to arrive during that time.

Due to the high volume of inspection requests, we are unable to individually call and confirm your inspection.

Cancellation Line: 303-661-1451 - Cancel by 8:30am

Requirements for All Inspections

You will need the building inspection record card and approved field plans on site at ALL TIMES. If the permit card and/or approved stamped plans by the Building Department are not available, the inspector will NOT conduct the inspection (Re-inspection Fee of $75 may be charged). The inspector will review the plans if applicable and verify that all required codes are met and the project is ready to continue or is completed (final). The inspector will either sign the card or leave notes as to the inspection results. When the project is complete, the inspector will remove the card and file it as a permanent record. Please review your inspection record card to find inspection results: do not call the Building Department.

Reroof Inspection Requirements

New requirements - effective March 15, 2021

What Requires an Inspection?

The yellow inspection record card lists typical inspections for new construction. Use the card as a guide. Some inspections listed do not apply to all projects. Do not cover anything without first having it inspected.

Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy is issued upon proper completion of any new building, newly occupied commercial space, or change of use. Most homeowner projects do not receive a Certificate of Occupancy, as it is not necessary.