Land Use Applications & Checklists

Process for submitting Land Use applications

1. Schedule a pre-application meeting

The purpose of the first pre-application conference is to familiarize the applicant with the City’s requirements, procedures, and comprehensive plan before substantial time and financial commitments are made in the preparation of plans, surveys, and other studies. 

A pre-application conference is required for:

  • Annexation
  • Planned Unit Developments (PUD)
  • Special Use Reviews
  • Zoning/Rezoning

Please complete the Pre-Application Conference Form.

2. Complete an application

  • Complete an application for each type needed. For example, if you need a Site Plan/Architectural Review and Special Use Review, you will need both applications.'
  • The application form specific to your development lists the documents / items required for your formal submission. 
  • Application fees will be invoiced upon acceptance of your application.

3. Submit completed application form(s) and all supplemental information to

  • All plan submittals must be done electronically. Paper copies will not be accepted.
  • All plans and supporting documents should be in separate PDF files with descriptive names.
  • Large plans can be submitted through Dropbox or a similar FTP site via a link from that site.
  • Completed submittals must be received by 5pm on Tuesday to begin that week's review cycle.