Municipal Court

Responsibilities & Services

The Lafayette Municipal Court has jurisdiction to hear cases that deal with the City of Lafayette Municipal Ordinances, traffic violations, and parking violations. We pride ourselves on serving the public in a manner that makes the court process accommodating and less intimidating. The Municipal Court strives to make sure that each defendant, witness, and victim are dealt with promptly and fairly. Everyone who comes in contact with the judicial system in Lafayette is treated with respect and civility. 

The Lafayette Municipal Court is in session twice a month, and is not currently open to the public on non-court days.

Beginning March 11, 2021 all TRAFFIC Arraignments and Pretrial Conferences will be held virtually via Zoom. All other Court Appearances (Criminal and Code Violation Arraignments, Hearings, and Trials) will be held in person at the Lafayette Municipal Court (please see COVID-19 court protocols).

Virtual Court Instructions

Court will be held via Zoom. Please prepare for your Court appearance by carefully reviewing the Advisement of Rights linked below.

Joining the Virtual Courtroom:

Via Smartphone or Computer

  1. If you have never used Zoom, prior to your court date download the Zoom app by clicking this link: 
  2. At the time of your scheduled court appearance click on this link:
  3. For the best audio experience, please use computer audio.

Via Telephone

  1. Dial 1-312-626-6799.  The meeting ID is:  676 833 2017

Phone controls for participants:
*6 - To Mute and Unmute
 *9 - Raise Hand

 In the Virtual Courtroom

Once you have joined the Virtual Courtroom, you may experience a short wait in the Waiting Room. A Court Clerk will check you in as soon as possible. 

Virtual Courtroom Etiquette:

The courtroom, whether a physical in-person courtroom or a virtual courtroom using telephone or video technology, remains a formal and serious setting where matters involving real people and real lives are heard.  Every case is important, and all participants are asked to maintain court decorum:

  1. Dress Appropriately for Court.  Business attire is always appropriate for court; sweatshirts gym clothes, Hawaiian shirts, concert t-shirts, sports team jerseys and pajamas are never appropriate.
  2. Eliminate Distractions.  Participating in Virtual Court proceedings often means appearing from home.  Please try to locate a quiet area and minimize interruptions by others in the home.
    • Do not watch TV or listen to the radio while you are participating in Virtual Court.
    • Put your cell phones and other technology in silent mode during the Virtual Court proceeding.
  3. Do Not Bring Food to the Virtual Courtroom.  This includes chewing gum.
  4. Do Not Use Tobacco or Vaping Products in the Virtual Courtroom.
  5. Sit Up Straight.  Show the same courtesy the Court is showing you.  Do not prop your feet up on a table or chair.

If you have any questions or concerns please call the Court office immediately.