710 Highway 287/Lafayette Self-Storage Facility

Location: 710 Highway 287, Lot 2B Cabrini Gardens Replat B

Size: 91,600 square foot building, Lot size is 2.5 acres 

Planned Use: The proposed 3-story building will be 91,600 square feet in size and will be a climate-controlled self-storage facility. The storage facility will utilize 1.5 acres of the existing 2.5-acre lot, with the remaining one-acre lot to be developed for future retail use. The self-storage lot will be subdivided as part of a concurrent minor subdivision application process with the City of Lafayette.  

Development Process: The development includes a Special Use Review for the storage facility in the C1 zone district, a Site Plan/Architectural Review for the development, and a minor subdivision to subdivide the existing 2.5-acre lot into one 1.5 acre lot and one 1-acre lot.

Site Plan and Architectural Review

Special Use Review

Minor Subdivision

Neighborhood Meetings: A Neighborhood Meeting is required for the Special Use Review. Neighborhood meetings occurred on Feb. 2, 2022,  Feb. 16, 2022, and May 23, 2022.

Public Hearing or Meeting Dates:

The Site Plan and Architectural Review and the Special Use Review will be reviewed by the Planning Commission and City Council after the staff review is complete. A public hearing will be scheduled for the Special Use Review.  

  • Planning Commission - Recommended approval of the Site Plan and Architectural Review and the Special Use Review at their Oct. 12, 2022  meeting.
  • City Council approved the Minor Subdivision plat for Lot 2B Cabrini Subdivision at their  Nov. 1, 2022. City Council denied the Special Use Review and the Site Plan/Architectural Review at their November 15, 2022 meeting. 

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Written Comments: Sent written comments on this project to Millissa Berry, the case planner, at planning@lafayetteco.gov, by mail, or in person, to: Planning Department, City Hall, 1290 S. Public Road, Lafayette, CO 80026. The Department is open Monday-Thursday, 9am-4pm. All comments must be in writing.