Love Lafayette - City Brand Assessment

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What is a Brand and a Brand Assessment?

A brand is the way a product, company, or individual is perceived by those who experience it. The Lafayette Brand Assessment Project was initiated to engage with community members to identify those strengths and characteristics that resonate with and draw residents, visitors, and businesses into Lafayette. 

Ultimately, the results of the assessment will develop a brand platform, brand position, and brand expression which will be applied to written and visual communication efforts to better engage, connect, and more effectively communicate with residents. The effort will also help unify written and visual communication efforts across all City departments and divisions.

What comes to mind when you think of Lafayette?

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What words describe the character of Lafayette?

Many words describing the character and feel of Lafayette

Brand slogan

In summer 2022, Lafayette residents shared what inspires you to live in Lafayette - and what it is that makes you love where you live. Your responses told us you value Lafayette's small-town character, and the sense of belonging, neighborliness, and connection it provides. 

In February 2023, four slogans were developed focusing on the sense of "belonging" that Lafayette provides. Residents responded to a survey of these slogans, and while reactions were positive, the survey results told us more input was needed.

In April 2023 five additional slogans were developed and tested through a community survey. Feedback from this survey has led us to determine there is not community consensus on direction for a representative slogan. Lafayette is a unique and multifaceted community that is not confined to a limited word slogan. 

Thank you to everyone for participating in these surveys and for taking the time to consider a slogan.