210 N Public Road / North Public Market PUD

Location: 210 N Public Road

Size: 0.34 acres

Planned Use: Two-story food hall style restaurant 

Phasing: N/A

Development Process: PUD Amendment to allow for buildings modifications for setbacks, landscaping, and parking requirements. This will be an administrative review with Planning Commission, Lafayette Urban Renewal Authority (LURA), and City Council.

Currently Under Review: PUD Amendment to allow for building front North Public Road and Modifications to landscaping and parking requirements. In addition, the applicant is requesting a parking waiver to reduce the number of parking spaces required on the site.

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Public Hearing or Meeting Date
March 8, 2022  - Lafayette Urban Renewal Authority (LURA) - Virtual Meeting
March 23, 2022 - Planning Commission

Status: On March 8, 2022, Lafayette Urban Renewal Authority reviewed the PUD Amendment and recommended approval subject to seven conditions.

Status: At its March 23, 2022 meeting, the Planning Commission approved the PUD Amendment subject to seven conditions. The conditions were essentially the same as those recommended by LURA.

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