Justin Chester

Justin Chester

My Philosophy:

I am a data-driven coach. I like numbers and data, because there’s no escaping it.  I like the technical side of swimming, cycling, and running movements and discovering where efficiencies are gained and lost with movement through the medium. I also appreciate of the “Art” of coaching – at times interpreting the data differently provides greater insight into the athlete; the movements may be less efficient but better for the athlete

I Specialize in:

  • Evaluating the technical aspects of swimming, i.e., moving through a medium 830 times denser than air, where the penalties for technique deficiencies are significant. This is exceptionally important because, unlike cycling and running, swimming is 80% technical vs 20% aerobic / anaerobic fitness

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About Me:

My Coaching career began in 2008 after helping a friend with a training plan. I am the head coach of TriCoach Colorado, and am the former head coach of the Lafayette and Parker Triathlon Teams. I created the Parker Triathlon Team in 2016 to bring first-time never-evers into the sport in a non-intimidating way by providing concise group-level coaching and supportively answering all “beginner” questions. I have coached athletes from Sprint Distance to Ironman and from beginners to elite.  

I have been involved as an athlete in sports my entire life. I swam in high school and played golf at the collegiate level before entering the endurance sports world in 2003. Along with completing four Ironman triathlons, I have competed in 13 half-Ironman triathlons, and countless Olympic, and Sprint distance triathlons and dozens of Xterra Races, including the Xterra World Championships. As a coach, I work with athletes of all levels and abilities and mentor other beginner coaches. I take great pride in the interactions that I have with all of my athletes and coaches. 


As a triathlete and a triathlon coach, I specialize in freestyle. However, as a Master's Coach and athlete, I ensure that I’m proficient in and able to coach all strokes effectively.


  • USA Triathlon Level II Coach
  • Slowtwitch Master Coach
  • Training Peaks Level 2 Coach
  • American Swim Coaches Association Level 2
  • B.S. Physics
  • M.S. Space Systems Operations Management