West Waneka Open Space Buffer Annexation

LOCATION:  East of South Burlington Avenue and north of East Emma Street

PLANNED USE:  Public  - Open Space Buffer and Right-of-Way

DEVELOPMENT PROCESS:  The City of Lafayette is annexing a city-owned property located immediately east of South Burlington Avenue and north of East Emma Street. The property is referred to as the West Waneka Open Space Buffer. Concurrent with the annexation, the property is to be zoned "P - Public" which reflects the city's ownership of the property. There are no development plans for the property. The annexation is to bring the property under the City of Lafayette's jurisdiction.

This annexation includes the East Emma Street right-of-way between South Burlington Avenue and the 120th Street/East Emma Street intersection. It also annexes the former Burlington Railroad Right-of-Way, now owned by the City of Lafayette, between Baseline Road and East Emma Street. The purpose of annexing the railroad right-of-way area is to ensure the city-owned property is entirely within the city limits and there are no gaps between the properties and the city limits.

CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW: Annexation and Rezoning of city owned properties.


  • Planning Commission recommended approval of the West Waneka Open Space Buffer Annexation and Zoning at their Dec. 14, 2022 meeting. 
  • City Council - Jan. 3, 2023 at 5:30PM - Annexation and Zoning applications