130 Miners Drive

LOCATION:  130 Miners Drive

SIZE:  1.96 Acres

PLANNED USE:  13,000 square foot office building

PHASING:  1 Phase


  • 2- Lot Minor Subdivision 
  • Site Plan/Architectural Review

CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW:  A Minor Subdivision to create a.78 acre parcel to be developed with an office building.  The development of the office building site with architecture, parking, landscaping, and other site design elements.

  • View the Minor Subdivision - (Link)
  • View the Site Plan (Link)
  • View the Architectural Renderings (link)

PUBLIC HEARING OR MEETING DATE:  April 20, 2021.  City Council approved the Minor Subdivision and Site Plan/Architectural Review with conditions at their April 20, 2021 meeting.