Ride Free Lafayette

Ride Free Lafayette

Ride Free Lafayette is a free, on-demand, door-to-door bus service that connects people to places within the City of Lafayette. Riders can book a ride by phone, online, or via the On Demand Transit: Rider app. A bus will arrive at a pick-up location at a designated time.

With Ride Free Lafayette, no transfers are needed to get riders from their start and end destinations within the City of Lafayette. 

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  1. App Booking – Riders can book a ride by downloading the On Demand Transit: Rider App, which is available for free in the App Store and via Google Play. Enter the keyword “Lafayette” into the “get started” section of the app to begin to book your trip.
  2. Book online – Riders can book a trip online at production.pantonium.net/lafayette/trider. Trips can be booked online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Call to Book – Riders can book a trip by calling 833- 456–3359. There, you can speak to a representative that will reserve the ride for you. Representatives can book a ride during hours of operation Monday through Sunday.
  4. Walk on Rides – Riders can simply board the Ride Free Lafayette bus if they see it in the community, and the driver can make a trip for the rider via their tablet.

Service Times and Dates

Ride Free Lafayette operates seven days a week:

Monday – Sunday and Holidays, 7am-8pm

Service Area

Ride Free Lafayette operates throughout the City of Lafayette with service to the Kestrel community in Louisville. All trips must start and end in the service area for the ride to be booked. The service area is shown in the map linked at commutingsolutions.org/transit/ridefreelafayette.

For more detailed information

Visit commutingsolutions.org/transit/RideFreeLafayette