Estate Planning Made Easy

Get a challenging job finished! In a single, easy session, with the help of Colorado-licensed attorney Mike Anderson, you'll complete:

  • A Will
  • Financial power of attorney
  • Combined medical directive (including a living will, medical power of attorney, and organ donation)

This class includes all materials, witnessing, notarizing, individual review, and plenty of time for discussion and questions. Participants do not need to bring anything to the program. Rocky Mountain Legal Center will schedule individual follow-up sessions to complete documents.

Location: Lafayette Senior Center

Oct. 5 and Dec. 7  |  1-3pm

Fee (per person):

  • Age: 60 and older: FREE – Sponsored by Boulder County Area Agency on Aging. Must be a resident of BoCo.
  • Age 21-59: $125 Residents / $150 Nonresidents

Register online or call 303-665-9052. Registration is required at least one week before the program.  

Guitar Lessons-Beginner

This guitar class is for the absolute beginner. Students will learn basic chords, picking patterns, strumming, rhythm and notes on the fretboard to enjoy playing various songs. Please bring a 6-string guitar to class. Teaching materials will be provided.

Location: Lafayette Senior Center

Oct. 3-24 and Nov. 7-28  | Monday  |  10-11am   |$50 Resident / $60 Nonresident

Register through WebTrac or call 303-665-9052. Registration is required at least one week before the program.  

Ukulele Lessons-Beginner

You CAN play the ukulele! In this beginning class, you will be having fun and playing music before you know it. We will focus on strumming and rhythms, reading tabs, improvising, and beginning songwriting. We will have fun singing familiar songs and learning basic chords. Please bring a ukulele to class.

Location: Lafayette Senior Center

Oct. 3-24 and Nov. 7-28  |  Monday  |  11-noon  |  $40 Resident / $50 Nonresident

Register through WebTrac or call 303-665-9052. Registration is required at least one week before the program.  

Nancy West, a bit of Lafayette History and Your Treasures

What kind of collections do you have at home? Maybe a cabinet full of figurines or a special coin tucked away for a rainy day? Learn a bit about the world of collectibles from a local collector, Nancy West. Nancy has years of experience with antiques, especially in the Lafayette area. Nancy and her husband started Noble Treasures many years ago. Nancy will share her story of starting out here as an antique entrepreneur in the 1980s. Come with a treasure you can carry (nothing bigger than that!), and we will do a little show and tell. Items with markings are much easier to research. You will leave with some interesting knowledge of Lafayette and how to value your treasures in today’s market as well. We will have some treats to eat too! 

Location: Lafayette Senior Center   

Sept. 16  |  Friday   |  1-2pm  |  $2 Resident / $4 Nonresident  

Register through WebTrac or call 303-665-9052. 

Noble Treasures Antiques Explained

For this special event, main street staples Noble Treasures and the collectibles mall have asked their over 20 dealers to be in store to answer questions and tell a bit about who they are and why they collect the items they do. So, if you are in the market for some items or would like to learn more about some of the treasures here, stop by between 2-4pm on Saturday, Sept. 17, to learn more.

Location: Noble Treasures Antiques

Sept. 17  |  Saturday  |  2-4pm  |  Free

Register through WebTrac or call 303-665-9052. 

3rd Law Dance/Theater Dance for Parkinson’s: Dance for Balanc

3rd Law Dance/Theater offers gentle movement classes for people living with Parkinson’s or with other mobility considerations. Evidence from more than 40 peer-reviewed scientific studies shows the effectiveness and benefits of the Dance for PD teaching approach. Dance improves the quality of life by increasing mobility, endurance, balance, and strength through joyful physical activity. For Boulder Falls Prevention Week, in chairs or standing, we will explore elements of different dance styles with energizing and inspiring music to accompany us. No experience is needed. 

Location:  Lafayette Senior Center  

Sept. 19  | Monday  |  2-3pm  |  Free

Register through WebTrac or call 303-665-9052. 

CSU Extension- Native Grasses on the Front Range 

Ariana Gloria Martinez, Small Acreage Management Coordinator, will teach us about native grasses. Native grasses evoke a sense of place, recalling the open, rolling hills that once were common along the front range. Native grasses offer sweeps of color and texture across a landscape and add motion. Leaf blades and delicate seeds dance in the slightest breeze. Learn more about these beauties by joining us for this informative talk brought to us by the CSU extension offices. Refreshments will be provided. 

Location:  Lafayette Senior Center

Sept. 21  |  Wednesday  |  2-3pm  |  $2 Resident / $4 Nonresident  

Register through WebTrac or call 303-665-9052. 

The Orphan Train 

The Orphan Train Movement was the largest mass migration of children in American history. It was the genesis of the modern-day foster care system and the brainchild of Charles Loring Brace, a Methodist minister and social activist. The goal was to remove children from urban poverty and transport them to rural communities to become productive members of society in healthy environments.

Jeanne MacVicar's presentation of the History of the Orphan Train Movement comes from a lifelong interest in history and personal family history. At three years of age, Adeline Rousseau arrived in Clyde, Kansas, on an Orphan Train on Oct 11, 1911. Jeanne's Great Grandfather, George Trowbridge, picked Jeanne out of the group of orphans and lived out her life in Clyde with George and his wife, Sarah.

Location:  Lafayette Senior Center 

Oct. 18  |  Tuesday  |  2-3pm  |   $2 Resident / $4 Nonresident  

Register through WebTrac or call 303-665-9052. 

Spellbinders® Storytelling - Halloween Tales 

Stories help us make sense of our world, impart a lesson, pass down history, and more. They teach us to love, forgive, be just,  and strive for better than we have. Join Spellbinders’® trained veteran storytellers and new volunteers as they bring a variety of story genres to life. Register three days prior

Location: Lafayette Senior Center   

Oct. 21  |  Friday  |  10-11am  |  Free

Register through WebTrac or call 303-665-9052. 

CSU Extension- Houseplants 101 

Epipremnum aureum, Philodendron scandens, and Dieffenbachia maculata are all names for common houseplants. Those names aren't what we call them, though! Learn their common names and much more about your plant friends in this informative plant talk from Amy Lentz, CSU Extension's home horticulture expert. Give your plants the best care this next season by attending this informative talk. Refreshments will be served.

Location:  Lafayette Senior Center   

Oct. 26  |  Wednesday  |  1-2pm  |  $2 Resident / $4 Nonresident  

Register through WebTrac or call 303-665-9052 

Mudslingers Pottery: "TEST DRIVE" Workshop with Allison Bequette  

Have you always wanted to try the potter's wheel? Take a spin on the wheel in this test drive workshop. We'll guide you through the steps and help you make a piece to be proud of. All tools, materials, and clay are provided in this two-hour class. You'll get to keep one piece which we will fire and glaze for you. Come back in about three weeks to pick up your finished work. Bring an apron or a towel, and be sure to wear clothes you don't mind getting a little dirty.

Location: Mudslingers Pottery Studio – 414 E. Simpson, Lafayette   

Sept. 10 and Oct. 1  |  Saturday  |  12:30-2:30pm  |  $55 Resident / $65 Nonresident  

Register through WebTrac or call 303-665-9052 

Learning at the Library 

The Lafayette Library is a treasure! On the second Tuesday of each month, one of the Library's fabulous professionals will lead us through an activity to help us discover more of what is available to us! Join us for the four sessions. 

Session 1, Sept. 13: Genealogy exploration using Ancestry/MyHeritage; please bring family names.
Session 2, Oct. 11: Explore the Lafayette Archives.
Session 3, Nov. 8: Beading for fun: String a necklace, rings more! Learn about patterns, texture, and color. Supplies provided
Session 4, Dec. 13: Knitting 101: Learn how to knit a mini mitten! Bring worsted-weight yarn and a set of #6 double-pointed knitting needles.

Location:  Lafayette Public Library  

Sept. 13, Oct. 11, Nov. 8, and Dec. 13  |  Tuesday  |  1-3pm  |  Free

Register through WebTrac or call 303-665-9052