Pointwise Convergence by Virginia Coleman

Pointwise Convergence steel sculpture

Virginia Coleman

from Denver, Colorado

Location: Festival Plaza

Materials: Steel

Price: $2,800

Artist Statement

Metals account for most of the modern world’s built environment. They are the materials that have allowed man to dream larger than life. Metal has the ability, due to its inherent chemistry, to flex, bend, twist and yet remain rigid. It has the ability to change color from just heat and water, and with chemical mixtures it can take on the notion of painting. One of metal’s greatest characteristics is its ability to be joined together by different welds. I focus on using metals in their basic, raw, and natural forms to create art - art that speaks to the world we live in, abstracted concepts or representations of the world stripped bare - using steel to showcase its power to create dialogue and to engage people to look at metals at a deeper level, not to just superficially glance over.

“Pointwise Convergence” is a glance at those seemingly effortless moments in life where the world appears delicate yet in balance and harmony.