Personal Training

How to pick a personal trainer

1. Read the Trainer Bios and additional information to find a trainer that fits your needs.

2. Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation directly with your chosen trainer! Contact information for each trainer is available on our website. Please bring your Client Registration packet to the initial consultation (click here for PDF of registration packet). You can also request a client registration packet at our front desk.

3. After meeting with the trainer, purchase Your Personal Training Package at the Front Desk with our friendly staff.

4. Schedule your sessions directly with your trainer, to suit your schedule.

5. Get in the best shape of your life!

Personal Training Package Costs

Initial Consultation (30 minutes) is FREE

General Fitness Training

# of Clients # of Sessions Length of Session Cost
1 1 1 Hour $49R / $59NR
1 3 1 Hour $129R / $139NR
2 1 1 Hour $90R / $110NR
2 3 1 Hour $236R / $256NR

If you need more information or help finding a personal trainer please click here to email Lexi Bulich, Bob Burger Recreation Center Fitness Coordinator.