Night Sentry by Susan Jochum - Winner 2019 People's Choice Award


Artist Susan Jochum

from Cedaredge, Colorado

Location: 109 N. Public Road

Materials: Bronze

Price: $3200

Artist Statement

Through my art, I try to create an impression of who I am. Landscapes are usually the vehicle I use to create impressions of beauty and serenity in an attempt to refresh the mind. The human figure is also a favorite subject of mine because it is our best tool for expression and results in a piece with more depth and introspection. The most satisfying pieces are the ones in which I connect with the subject and through that connection the paint flows onto the canvas with purpose and ease resulting in a painting that is more than a thing but is a part of me. Hopefully, when you view my art you will feel what I was feeling when I created it.

My interest in birds, fueled by a trip to Australia, drove my ambition to sculpt “Night Sentry.”  Though great horned owls weren't part of my trip, my archive of images from years of hiking throughout Colorado proved helpful in visualizing this 3D piece. I began working with a wire armature, clay, and my hands to put it all together for a piece suitable for casting in bronze. I am adept at drawing and painting and am on a never ending quest to explore new techniques and mediums to quench my thirst for making original art.