We Need Your Input

To meet our goals, we are asking for your input through a community outreach program called Listening. The information you share in one of our listening sessions helps us understand how Lafayette can be more inclusive in the events, programs, services, and facilities it offers and in its ability to engage the community and foster a sense of belonging.

We will use the results of these sessions and survey to:

  • Inform the work and priorities of the HRC;
  • Understand current community experience regarding City inclusivity;
  • Establish and build relationships with individuals and the community; and
  • Raise awareness of the HRC as a public resource.

Schedule of Listening Sessions

Confidential Listening

Our intent is to listen and gather information. A listening session consists of HRC members talking with people in the community. We may take notes about what you have to say. A final report will be produced to summarize what we are hearing. In that report, individuals will not be named unless you wish to be identified; organization names will be used only with permission.

Sample questions we may ask during a listening session include:

  • How do you use City of Lafayette events, programs, services, and facilities?
  • What are your experiences with City events, programs, services, and facilities?
  • How would you assess the diversity and inclusivity of City events, programs, services, and facilities?
  • What would make you feel more engaged?
  • Who else should we be speaking to?