Petit Jardin by Charlotte Zink

Petit Jardin by Charlotte Zink
Sculptor Charlotte Zink

Artist Charlotte Zink

Berthoud, Colorado
The Arts Hub
420 Courtney Way
Medium: Steel
Price: $9,500

Artist Statement

Drawing has been an essential part of my life for as long as I can remember. I think creative expression is a human characteristic every bit as vital as speaking or writing. For me, making art objects is a way of translating inner visions and thought processes into a tangible outer reality, something to look at, touch, appreciate and share with others.

In my life as an artist I've enjoyed working in many mediums...hand made papers, mixed media, sculpture, clay, and painting. I'd say my imagery and style regardless of materials has a fluid, whimsical and feminine sense of design and form. Art has been a lifelong friend and teacher for me, practicing being a good friend and pupil has been one of life's joys.