Sea Beast by Dave Richardson

Artist Dave Richardson

Artist Dave Richardson

Fort Collins, Colorado
Location: West side of Festival Plaza
Medium: Cast Bronze
Price: $9,000

Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated with the Nautilus shell both artistically and architecturally. The shape and flow is flawless in design. Nature forms these shells in the most efficient way possible. When the Nautilus shell is cut in half the real beauty is exposed through the repeating chambers. These chambers are what I wanted to bring to the outside of the shell so the viewer could have a visual experience. I wanted to leave the sculpture heavily textured to represent how durable and resilient these little creatures can be. Having been around since prehistoric times shows that the Nautilus can adapt and survive. "Sea Beast" is my way of paying tribute to such an amazing mollusk through sculpture. When I first had the vision for 'Sea Beast" I had no idea where it would end up, I only knew I had to create it. As a local Colorado artist I am pleased to install "Sea Beast" in Lafayette, CO.