Tribal Garden Totem by Katy Diver

katy diver

Artist Katy Diver

Longmont, Colorado
Location: NE corner of Chester and Public Road
Material: Clay
Price: $1,800

Artist Statement:

I was inspired to make this piece from my love of pattern and aboriginal work. It is meant to radiate happy energy into it's surroundings. I made this piece out of a wonderful Colorado clay that was developed for public art in Denver. It is weather proof year round in our climate. I then painted it with underglazes and stains and fired it to Cone 1. I feel creativity is about tapping into an endless flow of ideas and inspiration and combining that with the discipline of knowing your materials and putting in the 10,000 hours to truly connect your idea with the material world. Public art is a wonderful way to bring art out of galleries and into the every day world where it can be enjoyed by the community! I hope my piece makes people feel happy as they drive or walk by!