Red Rover by Patti-Stajcar

Red Rover

Artist Patti-Stajcar

Golden, Colorado
107 S. Public Road

Artist's Statement

The sunshine basks the hills in gold at my studio in Golden, Colorado where I have lived with my husband for over 30 years. Surrounded by such inspirational beauty, my heart and soul go into every piece I make.

With a subject in mind for bronze or marble, I start by sketching multitudes of abstract forms on paper, then progress to clay. Fifteen or twenty speed sculpts later something will catch my eye growing with the changes. Then, I'll begin the sculpture.

Wood, on the other hand, sculpts itself. I look at each piece of wood until it tells me what it wants to be. As I carve, sometimes it changes its mind, but I follow along, and we come to an amicable agreement.

I want you to get personal with my work. Run your eyes and hands over it. Let the motion energize you. Swim in the flow and become centered.

Whether you enjoy the cool touch of marble, the soft glow of bronze, or the warmth of wood, I hope you can share in the experience of the creation of my work.