Parks, Recreation and Open Space Sustainability Practices

Indian Peaks Golf Course and city-maintained parks are controlled by a computerized, state-of-the-art irrigation system called CIRRUS. In conjunction with a variable frequency pump station, in-field controllers, and on-site weather stations (CIRRUS manages using a calculated evaporation-transpiration rate (ET). This assures the best technology in water management. At Thomas Open Space farm crops are watered with untreated, raw water and encourages the use of water-saving, sub-surface agricultural drip lines. The use of water from Waneka reservoir to irrigate the formalized turf areas at Waneka Lake Parkminimizes the use of potable water and helps keep operating costs down.

The City of Lafayette proudly hires Eco-Cycle to provide park shelter users with recycling service in its three large, community parks - Waneka Lake Park, Whitetail Park, and LaMont Does Park. The blue-lidded, single stream recycle bins are found near the park shelters in these parks. Indian Peaks Golf Course also utilizes Eco-Cycle for single-stream recycling service at the clubhouse and at the maintenance facility.

Land managers in Lafayette work to increase their environmentally sustainable practices (thereby reducing the use of traditional chemicals) by utilizing biological alternatives such as beneficial insects, microbes, and other living organisms to proactively address pest concerns. Supervisors of the Open Space Program occasionally release insects to control weeds. These insects are typically received from the state's insectary which specifically breeds and propagates the bugs to target particular invasive weeds. Read more about our integrated pest management.  At Indian Peaks Golf Course, turf fertility programs include bionutrition to improve plant health and to combat the on-set of turf diseases.

The City of Lafayette has been a qualified member of the Tree City USA program since 1999. Volunteer events such as Arbor Day (April) and Open Space Day (October) as well as the numerous plantings made by department staff on public land every year support Lafayette's dedication to maintaining the benefits from a city canopied by trees.

At the Thomas Open Space Barn an energy-efficient radiant floor heating system keeps the facility warm during the cooler months. Both the maintenance facility and the clubhouse at Indian Peaks Golf Course have been energy audited and have implemented energy-saving steps such as weather-stripping doorways and resealing windows. A Winter 2013 remodel of the clubhouse bathrooms at IPGC will incorporate faucets and toilets that minimize water use.

Large events held at Thomas Open Space by Isabelle Farm, the property lessee, and the two annual Open Space volunteer gatherings, Open Space Day and Arbor Day, are held as Zero Waste Events.

Indian Peaks Golf Course is registered with Audubon International. We have successfully received certification in two vital areas: 1) Chemical Use Reduction and Safety, and 2) Water Conservation.