Thomas Open Space Farm Project


Originated by a resident-led, grassroots effort, the vision for Thomas Open Space continues to blossom as the historically farmed land is in use today for crop production and as the home site of Thomas Open Space Barn. The unique relationship between a municipality and a local farming operation demonstrates Lafayette’s commitment to providing diverse experiences for residents, while preserving our small-town atmosphere. In the case of Thomas Open Space, the City of Lafayette has partnered with Red Wagon Farm who operates the on-site barn as their farm stand for locally grown crop.


Thomas Open Space Farm is located at 1640 West Baseline Road, west of Highway 287 on Baseline Road, south of the Anna’s Farm subdivision.

Who and when

As of March 2022, the barn and land are being leased by Red Wagon Farm. Red Wagon Farm's operational hours and harvesting schedule will be forthcoming as they settle into the property and begin their farming operation. Be sure to stop by for fantastic food or review their website for further information. 

Solar Project

In late 2012 a 9 kW ground-mount solar array was installed at Thomas Open Space. This energy-efficiency project supplements energy use at the barn and has an estimated annual carbon offset of 23,930 lbs. View the online Real-Time Data Monitoring module for the Thomas Open Space solar array provided by Lighthouse Solar.  The solar installation aligns with the City’s sustainability goals.

March 2022
Lafayette welcomes Red Wagon Farm to Thomas Open Space

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In February 2022, City Council approved a new three-year lease, welcoming Red Wagon Farm as the new tenant to manage and operate the Thomas Open Space Farm property. For the past 12 years, Isabelle Farm has held the agricultural lease on the property and was a valued partner in our community. 

The City purchased the Thomas Open Space property in 2002 as buffer land near Waneka Lake. After purchasing the land, residents supported the property to be leased for agricultural purposes. In 2012, the Thomas Barn was constructed providing a permanent farm stand to process and sell produce. With Isabelle Farm making a difficult decision to vacate their current three-year lease, staff initiated a request for proposals (RFP) for a new tenant. Three qualifying bids were received by the City and, after careful consideration and individual interviews with potential tenants, Red Wagon Farm was selected as the new lessee. 

Red Wagon Farm provides a wonderful variety of produce, an amazing Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) farm share program that fills up fast, and over 20 years of farming experience. You will be pleased to know they are a recipient of multiple "Conservationist of the Year" awards. Wyatt and Amy bring a lot to the table when it comes to regenerative, chemical-free farming. Although they are currently on the property as of March 2, Red Wagon Farm anticipates the first CSA pick-up in late May and plans to open the farm store in August. Be sure to stop by to give them a warm welcome! The Thomas Open Space Barn and farm is located at 1640 West Baseline Road.

Additional about Red Wagon Farm...