Open Space

Lafayette Open Spaces are home to hundreds of plant and wildlife species and offer over 20 miles of trails for you to enjoy. 

With 1,640 acres of designated properties, there is opportunity for all to experience the splendor of the Front Range right outside your backdoor. 

  1. Lafayette welcomes Red Wagon Farm to Thomas Open Space

    Welcome our new tenants to the Thomas Open Space Farm Read on...
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Coal CreekOpen Space Goals per Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan

  • Preserve and enhance significant natural areas and wildlife habitat, as well as the ecological integrity of the greater Lafayette region, while applying a strategic approach to Open Space conservation
  • Provide an effective and balanced approach to Open Space management that protects and enhances environmental values
  • Provide, where appropriate, high-quality outdoor recreation and trail opportunities that are consistent with the values of Open Space lands, provide high quality access between Open Space, parks, and community destinations, and minimize diverse impacts to the environment
  • Administer the Open Space and trails program in a manner that is effective, efficient, and responsive to the ever-changing management needs of Open Space and trails
  • Develop, manage, and maintain the City's Open Space and trails in a manner that is sensitive to and respectful of adjacent landowners, land uses, and communities

Education & Outreach


City of Lafayette Open Space offers a series of programming and educational activities that assist the public in understanding our natural surroundings. 

Enhance your interaction with Open Space by reviewing the various offerings and activities designed by naturalist Martin Ogle from Entrepreneurial Earth. View calendar of nature programs. 


The Open Space Division is 100% funded by two local Sales and Use Tax initiatives:

  • Legacy Tax: 0.25% for land acquisition and maintenance
  • POST Tax (Parks, Open Space & Trails: 0.25% for maintenance, enhancements, and preservation


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