Compost Guideline Changes

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Communities along the Front Range are working with the only large compost facility in Colorado, A1 Organics, to create high-quality compost. Compost supports our gardens, local farms, and our environment by building healthy soils that absorb carbon dioxide, reducing water and chemical use, and growing nutritious foods. 

New Changes to Lafayette's Compost Program

It’s simple! Food Scraps and Yard and Plant Trimmings ONLY

Due to the widespread contamination (materials that are placed in the wrong cart) in residential compost carts, A1 Organics has announced changes that will go into effcompost, flower, cart, green cartect on April 1, 2023

It is extremely difficult for A1-Organics to separate contamination (examples include clothing, diapers, pet waste, glass, and plastics) at their facility due to the number of unacceptable materials entering their facility and the difficulty of manually sorting these unwanted items out of the finished product. A strict reduction of acceptable items will be in place until further notice to all Front Range communities utilizing A1 Organics. 

Lafayette’s goal is to provide A1 Organics with contamination-free material, and we need your help! 

Acceptable materials, green, check mark 

Only two categories are allowed in your curbside compost cart as of April 1, 2023: 

  • Food Scraps:(produce, bread, bones, meat, cheese, eggshells, coffee grounds, etc.). 
    • Please remove all produce stickers, rubber bands, twist-ties, and anything that is not considered food (tea bags and coffee filters are not acceptable).
  • Yard and Plant Trimmings: leaves, twigs, flowers, grass, branches, etc.
    • Please keep rocks out of your cart.

Residents that utilize 3-gallon compostable bags to collect food scraps may continue to do so, but only 3-gallon (or smaller), approved compostable bags are allowed. If you do not use 3-gallon compostable bags, all items must be placed unbagged and loose in your compost cart. View A1 Organic's list of acceptable compostable bags.
 Unacceptable Materials, red, stop

  • Paper products (e.g., paper towels, cardboard, napkins, shredded paper, pizza boxes, coffee filters, etc.)
  • Compostable products (including certified compostable utensils, straws, plates, etc.)
  • Bags (kraft or larger than 3-gallon compostable bags). 
  • Glass, metal, or plastic 

NOTE: Products labeled “compostable” are NOT recyclable. If you have these items, please place them in your curbside garbage cart.

A1-Organics hosted a community meeting together with the City of Lafayette and the City of Louisville about compost cart guidelines and how you can best help fight contamination. 


The City of Lafayette acknowledges that these new guidelines will be a change for residents. We want to support your participation in the City’s Three Cart Program and make it as easy as possible to continue composting. 

Below is a list of resources that residents may take advantage of: 

  • To learn more and review additional resources, visit Eco-Cycle
  • Countertop kitchen compost container (limit one per household)
  • Roll of approved 3-gallon compostable bags (limit one per household).
  • New cart sticker to place on your compost cart lid (available starting April 3, 2023, in English and Spanish) 
  • New educational videos will be available in April 
  • Review Lafayette's 'What Goes Where' Guide to stay up to date
  • Subscribe to Environmental Sustainability News

Starting April 3, 2023, you can pick up your countertop kitchen compost container, a roll of 3-gallon compostable bags, and a cart sticker at the Lafayette City Hall front desk or Sustainability Community Events throughout the year while supplies last. 

Lafayette City Hall Public Access Hours:

  • Monday - Thursday: 9am - 4pm
  • Friday - Sunday: The City Hall building is closed to public access.
  • Staff is available via phone/email during all regular business hours; Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Front Range commA1 Organics, compost rows, compostunities have ONE regional composting processor, A1 Organics. A1 has notified ALL communities within the state that they are receiving high levels of contamination. As a result, A1 cannot sell its finished compost product made from curbside residential compost programs. They are calling for a system reset and beginning April 1, 2023, will ONLY be accepting food scraps and yard and plant trimmings from compost programs. 

The City of Lafayette supports the need to reduce contamination in our residential curbside composting program. Simplifying the program by only allowing food scraps and yard and plant trimmings, will help reduce contamination being brought to A1.