Recycling symbol with apple core graphicWhat is compost? 

Compost is organic material made from the decomposition of living things. Food and yard waste break down in the composting process to produce nutrients for plants.

What if I already compost in my backyard? 

That's great! Curbside composting will take everything you can't or might not want to compost in your backyard, including: weeds (so seeds don't go back into your yard), meat, dairy, bones and non-recyclable papers such as facial tissues, paper towels, napkins, bright & dark construction papers and certified BPI cups, plates and utensils.

What can go in my compost bin? 

All the compost bins have a list of items that are compostable and not compostable on the lid. 

Composting Guidelines
Compost Brochure

Compostable label

Only bags, plates, cups and utensils with this logo can go into your compost cart.

Watch the Composting 101 video

composting video

Abono 101

compost video screenshot in Spanish

What happens to food and yard waste when it leaves my curb? 

Your curbside compost goes to A1 Organics, an industrial composting facility. Your materials go into giant piles where it "cooks" at temperatures of up to 150 degrees, breaking down materials that wouldn't decompose in your backyard compost pile and destroying disease causing bacteria.

What can I do to prevent pests and bad odors? 

Be sure to put your food and yard waste in either a compostable bag (made of plant material) or paper bag before placing it in your compost cart. Compostable bags are available at local businesses and paper bags are available at most grocery stores. You can also freeze your compostable food items and put them in the cart on your pick up date.

Saving money with the addition of composting service to Residential Trash Service: 

If you currently have a 64 or 96 gallon trash cart, you can save money be downsizing your trash cart and using the compost cart for items that can be composted.

  • Contact Republic Services to downsize your trash cart!
  • Cart size change requests need to be made 3 business days prior to month end for next month's deployment.

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