Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Division is responsible for enforcing the municipal code regulations relating to nuisance and land use violations. Learn more about our Code Compliance information.

Report a concern online 

Use Request Tracker to report your concerns. Our neighborhood services specialist will respond to the following concerns:

  • Snow/ice removal on public property (sidewalks)
  • Illegally parked vehicles/trailers/junk vehicles on private property
  • Landscape maintenance (Weeds/grass)
  • Obstructed sidewalks/intersections
  • Private property maintenance (commercial and residential)

Animal control questions or complaints

Contact the Police Department's Animal Control Division at 303-441-4444


To protect the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Lafayette and create a more beautiful and viable place to live and work by encouraging compliance through educating the community in regard to municipal code rules and regulations.