Download & Stream

Use your Lafayette Public Library card to download and stream free eBooks, eAudiobooks, digital magazines and comics, movies, TV, craft videos, documentaries, and popular music! Some platforms also offer collections of materials in languages other than English. 

Select the Getting Started tab below to see what type of content can be streamed from which service. Expand the tab for any of the platforms listed for more details.

Free apps for most of the services can be downloaded from the Google Play store or Apple App store, most services can also be accessed from a computer or mobile device using your internet browser, and some can be enjoyed via apps for smart TVs and car entertainment systems.

What & Where

Tip: Front Range Downloadable Library (Libby/Overdrive/Sora) and Hoopla content can also be found and borrowed from within the main Library Catalog.


Need some help? Stop by the green Information desk (main level) or the Reader's Advisory desk upstairs, and we can show you the ropes!